Wifi Kill apk download for Android and iPhone devices

Wifi kill is basically a Wifi network controller app. Wifi kill apk can disable all other internet connection that connected to the same Wifi network. You can download Wifi kill apk file very quickly and easily from appzy9.com.You can enjoy full bandwidth of internet connection by cutting of others network. Wifi kill is very useful tool for Wifi internet users where you can cut other users off from common Wifi network and allocate all the bandwidth to yourself.

download WifiKill apk file
download WifiKill apk file

When Wifi kill app running and your mobile connected to the public Wifi network, this app will make other devices to think that your device is router. So they try to connect device through your device and Wifi kill then drops the connections of these other devices. By downloading Wifi kill apk from appzy9.com, You can see the list of other devices connected with the common Wifi network. Wifi kill shows the data transfer rate of devices connected to common Wifi network. You can monitor the network activity of the other devices on the same Wifi network. You can cutoff the net connections of any device that you want to cut from Wifi network.appzy9.com provides clean and latest version of Wifi killApp APK which is 100% risk free.

Features of Wifi kill app

  • It is completely free of cost
  • See the list of other devices
  • Show the data transfer rate of grabbed devices
  • Monitor the network activity of the other devices
  • See the name of other devices
  • Cut off the net connection of any other devices that you want to cut from Wifi network.

Although Wifi kill is not available on Google Play Store.By reading this post you will know how to download Wifi kill apk from appzy9.com. and steps to download and run app on Android.

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Wifi kill App Details

App Name: Wifi kill

File Size: Approx.0.47 MB

Version: 2.3.2 (2032)

Package: wifikill.net_wifikill_apk_2.3.2_safe

Required Android: Version 4.0 & above

What’s New

  • fixes bugs
  • Run faster
  • Fully new design
  • Grab traffic information
  • Show internet usage of other devices
  • Show thwe network names of others

Following are the steps to download Wifi kill apk on android

  • Step 1 : Download Wifi kill app for this link
    ( Note : Before you install this APK file , go to Setting-> Privacy->Unknown Sources->and check allow unknown sources.)

    unknown sources
    unknown sources
  • After downloading Wifi killAPK file go to downloaded location and open that APK file.
  • Now click on install button
  • Click on next button
  • Now app will be install in your device

    download wifikill apk
    download wifikill apk
  • Step 6: Now you can enjoy Wifi kill app on your Smart phone

    download wifikill apk
    download wifikill apk

Following are the steps to download Wifi kill app APK on iOS

The following steps will show you the downloading & installing procedure for Wifi kill app on iOS using vShare.

Step 1: Download and Install vShare

First Install vShare so you can get movie box ( Wifi kill iOS variation).Then click on Unjailbroken Button to download vShare. Press the install button to approve the request.It will take some moments to download and install on its own.

Step 2: Open the vShare and download Wifi kill

After installation locate vShare in the program menu. Open the program and click on trust for safe use. After opening vShare program, Search for Wifi kill. Downloading starts while clicking on Wifi kill app icon. Prompting seems to make this program install on your device.Locate it on program menu. Click on the icon and enjoy the Wifi kill features on your iOS.

Let us know if you face any difficulties while you are installing this Wifi kill app in comments below.

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